Softkill example crypto strategy with risk management

This is an example of how a complete strategy should be made.

In this case we make use of
1. Trend -> EMA
2. Oscillator -> MACD
3. Volume -> Volume oscillator
4. Volatility -> ATR
5. Price action -> ascending/descending highs/lows

Long = close above ema , macd histo is positive, volume oscilator is positive and we have ascending highs
Exit= close below ema , macd histo is negative, volume oscillator is negative and we have descending lows

For risk management we use the ATR and we calculate multipliers for TP and SL based on current candle value ATR from entry.

If you have any questions , message me in private !

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Thanks for the strart, looks good.

Does it only generate long positions? Thanks in advance.
Hi thank you for the script is there a study version where buy and sell alarm can be generated from the script?
Thank you very much for the strategy. Really interested in backtesting it and playing out with the variables.