Angled Volume Profile [feeble]

this indicator maps volume as brightness over an SMA . the brightness then fades over time.
It draws 30 bands, so you will need to load multiple instances to get a large picture.
Configure the settings, then copy and paste the indicator, modifying only the vertOffset attribute each time
Patience, bruh. This takes a long time load. Chrome runs it faster than Firefox. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Please let me know if you can think of how to optimize it.
Feedback is appreciated is you use it :)

sample with 6 instances:

useLog: enable if you are using a log graph
rowHeight: resolution of rows.
vertOffset: normally if you have 5 instances, the values will be -2,-1,0,1,2
fadeAmt: how long it takes for volume to fade once it is picked up
volumeMin and Max: the volume range displayed.
volumeResolution: time resolution at which volume data is collected - this is why the fadeAmt is so high, and why the graph runs out of data after a period back
EMA length: its Actually SMA but I wrote it wrong. eg. for a 20 day period on a 15min chart you go ( 20 days x 24 hrs x 4 quarter hours = 1920) - I hope to automate this in a future version :p
Release Notes: Thanks for all the interest! Please let me know if you find it useful :)

-added the option to use SMA, EMA, VWMA and FLAT (like a regular volume profile)
-re-organized some settings and made them timeframe-independent, so the graph remains consistent when changing timeframes

-if you are getting too much brightness, or nothing is showing up, its likely that you need to adjust min and max volume
-the default ma setting is 20 days, this is the same as 20 periods on a 1d chart, 40 periods on a 12h chart, and 480 periods on a 1h chart (24x20)
-good luck! i'ts still slow.
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