TT / TL Indicator v1.0 NightMode

TT / TL Indicator - Trend Trading & Target Level Indicator NightMode


2 Indicators that were born to be together, now they are. The TT and TL Indicators identify emerging uptrends and target levels. Descriptions for each indicator below...

TT Indicator - Trend Trading Indicator

This simple looking indicator prints background colors indicating trend status. Under the hood, this powerful tool checks numerous indicators and the relationships between them. 2 dozen variables are checked every candle before printing.


BLUE: Counter Uptrend Starting
GREEN: Uptrend Staring / Uptrend Continuation
ORANGE: Sideways Consolidation / Correction
RED: Uptrend Ending
BLACK (No background): No Trend / Sideways / Downtrend


TL Indicator - Target Level Indicator

The TL Indicator uses Fibonacci Extension to find resistance areas where price is likely to pullback. The Indicator has 4 levels, the higher the level, the more volatile the pullback is likely to be.


BLUE: Target Level 1
ORANGE: Target Level 2
RED: Target Level 3
WHITE: Target Level 4


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