Cyatophilum SuperTrend [BACKTEST]

cyatophilum Updated   
The SuperTrend Indicator and Strategy built upon Average True Range.

- Backtest Version -

Release Notes:
Added a visual feature "show opposite trend line"
Release Notes:
New optional feature!

Double SuperTrend Strategy.

Add a fast SuperTrend to trigger entries/exit inside the slow SuperTrend.

Go into the indicator settings to turn it on !
Release Notes:
Bugfix: backtest input dates
Release Notes:
New feature: ADX sideways filter
Release Notes:
Bugfixes regarding MTF ADX Filter
Release Notes:
Added configuration panel in the graphic options.
Release Notes:
Configuration panel udpated: smaller and better placement.

Added new alert system!
To use it:
1. Write your alert messages in the indicator settings (alert section at the bottom)
2. Click "Create Alert" as usual, but choose "alert() function calls only"

That's all! You will receive alerts for every event.
Release Notes:
Added new Backtest Results panel
You can disable it by going in the style tab -> tables, or by clicking the indicator setting "Backtest Results Table".
You can also change its size if you want to make it bigger or smaller.
Release Notes:
Small fix to prevent strategy orders to trigger several times when using recalculate on every tick option
Release Notes:
Converted to pine v5
Added MTF parameter to Supertrend n°1
Release Notes:
When converting to pine v5, the style tab got altered. This update brings back the color and background customisation.
Release Notes:
Updated alert inputs
Release Notes:
New Strategy 'CyatoTrend' : an improved SuperTrend indicator that give less false signals in range markets.
There are now 3 strategies available: 'CyatoTrend', 'SuperTrend' and 'Double SuperTrend'
Release Notes:
Small change to CyatoTrend: The 'CyatoTrend Range multiplier' input should better filter trades in sideways market.
Release Notes:
Fixed backtest table position input
Release Notes:
Added alert placeholders and triggering frequency option.

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