Saper Aude [Alerts]

Sapere Aude Strategy - Alerts

Trend based scalping strategy, to work on lower timeframes (15Minute - 1 Hour)
Calculations on ATR, strategy uses extra conditions to help filter out bad trades.

How to use the Indicator?
Simple as when green line shows below, that can be either a good entry point or a signal to start building limit orders on the plot.
I use the ATR as a trailing stop loss for exit.

vica versa for entering shorts. The strategy is only set up to take long positions though.

This is a great scalping strategy for bots in Ranging or up trending markets.

This scripts has 5 variations built within it which are fitted for certain coins & their timeframes

The coins included are
BTC /USDT 1 Hour
ADA/USDT 30 Minutes
DOGE/USDT 15 Minutes
LUNA/USDT/15 Minutes

You should find the preset alerts for these when you click "Add aler" on this indicator
You will see in the settings what default Stop losses I used

The script is written in Version 4
The strategy performs best on the Binance listings
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hi your indicator looks good can i have some free trial access for this?