iScalp Algo v1.6.1

Welcome to my new Scalp "iScalp" indicator.

iScalp can be used for new or advance traders on the crypto/stock market, to help identify quality entries in either Bull or Bear market conditions, with its built-in sniping capabilities algorithm.

With its built-in sniping capabilities, iScalp only targets highly specific market conditions for a quality entry on candles that you can take advantage of while scalping. There are many different strategies that you can take advantage of while using this indicator with its many features.

  • I built the algo on multiple elements and combination values such as: RSI , DIVs , STOCHASTIC , and SMA's & EMA's with specific parameters to identify short trend price actions.

  • The indicator isn't limited to scalping, it works best on HTF's if you would like to swing trades as it catches strong trend reversals.

~ iScalp is a safe trading indicator, that only alerts when price action crosses certain Moving Averages and RSI values / combinations ~
~ Oversold/Overbought zones are coded within the algo, and it is utilized to help trigger only on specific candles ~
~ REAL TIME indication, iScalp does not REPAINT or LAG~
~ iScalp comes with a highly profitable strategy that only works with the indicator ~


To gain access please send me a message,
or feel free to message me directly on discord: eXe2#0058
Release Notes:

  • Added more alert conditions for LONG & SHORTS - (this update will enter more trades)
Release Notes: Release Notes: Trimmed code
Release Notes: added notes in the code
Release Notes: Switched recently added alerts to DEGEN settings on HTF's charts only (PER BAR) - this will help with getting in trades a little more.
** DEGEN SETTINGS WILL NEED NEW ALERTS, iScalp Strat doc sheet will be updated in detail as well **

Small adjustment on RSI/STOCH conditions.
Release Notes: Fixedd issue where Degen alert conditions were firing at the wrong time
Release Notes: minor code change (version #)
Release Notes: Added another specific calculation to the original HTF DEGEN triggers (more entries for LONG/SHORTS)
Release Notes: Fixed overlaping signal labels (Diamonds = DEGEN HTF Per Bar alerts) & adjusted SHORT algo to match LONG algo (should see less freq SHORT signals) *15m & 1hr DEGEN alerts should be avoided* - Recommended UPDATE
Release Notes: Revamped algo (Less fake outs & More specific conditions)
Release Notes: Added a NEW Algo with a new "Scalp" trigger - iScalp now has 2 algo's that only triggers on 1 condition for BULL & BEAR trades. (Stochs crossover & over/under certain ema specifics) - REMOVED HTF/DEGEN/ReEntry Triggers. This Update should perform a lot better on pairs that have a high Market Cap > $2B. Highly recommended trading pairs above > $200k 24-HR trading VOL as well. 1m Charts are also Recommended. * Pairs performance may vary *
Release Notes: Fixed typo in Indicator timeframe
Release Notes: Fixed typo in Indicator timeframe
Release Notes: Tweaked S.Scalp Signals (was causing Short fake outs)
Release Notes: iScalp now has an algo to help limit fake outs by alerting the same long/short signal at the same time depending on the condition
Release Notes: Updated "fakeout" signal labels to show when there is a potential fake out - *These signals should be avoided*
Release Notes: Minor Update - typo in labels
Release Notes: Minor update
Release Notes: Added more fake out alerts (based on VeChain) other pairs may very. * Will be collecting fake out alerts as time progresses from here on out, and will be included with future updates of iScalp.
Release Notes: NEW Entire ALGO - Based on Generic BUY/SELL Zone fundamentals including parabolic trend calculations. *Suitable for all coins* - old algo was having trouble with low performance market conditions/coins, including getting in fake outs and stuck trades over time. Recommend trading coins that have 24hr vol > $1B only for best results.
Release Notes: Small adjustment
Release Notes: minor adjustment *shorts*
Release Notes: Fixed issue where shorts were not showing
Release Notes: minor
Release Notes: minor adjustment
Release Notes: Small tweak in Long signals / cleaned up code..
Release Notes: New alert trigger "L.Swing" has been added as a separate alert condition for catching bottom reversals (good for a nice small LONG swing) could take advantage of this trigger since its based on RSI hitting the bottom of being oversold, and has no where else to go but UP.
Release Notes: Small adjustment for shorts (wasn't catching shorts enough)
Release Notes: HUGE UPDATE - iScalp is more of a manual scalp indicator than an auto trading bot as of today. A lot of adjustments have been made for entry's and exit points as well as parabolic trend and break out indications. Detailed understanding of what each color/symbol means during market conditions will be provided upon purchase. Easily visible pocket bubbles (no purple symbols) indicate a down trend / backtest is forming / finding the bottom until trend reverses which will alert you.
*New version has high consistent break out rate to the upside, which parabolic, similar to PSAR for a rally run*
Release Notes: Cleaned up labels, added indication icons, small update to algo.
Release Notes: Minor update - oversold RSI symbols were not showing at the correct value (purple diamonds).
Release Notes: //V1.4.3 - Minor update - adjusted "Dump it" signal value for a much better indication - *IF YOU SEE THIS SIGNAL IMMEDATLEY GET OUT LONGS / Could be used as a "Short" scalp ~0.50% !!!*
Release Notes: Minor update - adjusted RSI over bought symbols (yellow diamonds) as they were not showing at the correct value. (current value is 65, which is tech not overbought but does give u an early safe indication before it reaches 70+)
Release Notes: Added EMA bundles to iscalp which iscalp uses in its algo.
Release Notes: Added BloodDiamond & RedCross Algo (thanks to Vumanchu) + added a few more things to work with the new "iScalp Money Flow" oscillator (releasing soon). + EMA Bundle Strategy
Release Notes: Added BloodDiamond & RedCross Algo (thanks to Vumanchu) + added a few more things to work with the new "iScalp Money Flow" oscillator (releasing soon) + EMA Bundle Strategy.
Release Notes: Added Better entry algo (Green & Purple) arrows; good for ~0.50% Purple: catches oversold zones (bottom) / Green: catches the confriamtion of a possible trend reversal.
Release Notes: Added "iScalp MF" index wave volume to candles based on color (Red = MF selling / Green = MF buying). In the future release of "iScalp MF" the oscillator will have its own algo alert triggers, not the same algo as "iScalp" alert triggers.
Release Notes:
  • Added Bollinger Bands colored trend based on iScalp's Money Flow Index algo
  • Added Strong VOL colored stripes to Bollinger Bands for Bull/Bear candles
  • Cleaned up code & added alert triggers
Release Notes: Removed VOL stripes based on bull/bear trend, dependent on vol only.
Adjusted rsismooth for k-band (4999 to 50) - HTFs are now visible for k1smooth / d1smooth setting.
Main src RSI for iscalp default setting is now 14 vs 50 (50 only for stochs_momentum)
Added Pivots for prev history+Future predictable Price Action Zones based on Momentum & MFI. (Beta: NEEDS MORE TESTING)
Added Dump day colored candles based on my theory for $BTC that performs a lot of sell off pressure during certain days of the week *(Tuesday/Thursday)* specifically.
Added category menu options for ON/OFF settings, cleaned up code.
Release Notes: Cleaned up alert conditions, and minor tweaks. *** RECOMMENDED TO UPDATE YOUR ALERTS WITH LATEST VERSION 1.6.1 ***

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