Baseline Cross Qualifier Volatility Strategy with HMA Trend Bias

For trading ES on 30min Chart

Trading Rules
Post Baseline Cross Qualifier (PBCQ): If price crosses the baseline but the trade is invalid due to additional qualifiers, then the strategy doesn't enter a trade on that candle. This setting allows you override this disqualification in the following manner: If price crosses XX bars ago and is now qualified by other qualifiers, then the strategy enters a trade.

Volatility: If price crosses the baseline, we check to see how far it has moved in terms of multiples of volatility denoted in price (ATR x multiple). If price has moved by at least "Qualifier multiplier" and less than "Range Multiplier", then the strategy enters a trade. This range is shown on the chart with yellow area that tracks price above/blow the baseline. Also, see the dots at the top of the chart. If the dots are green, then price passes the volatility test for a long. If the dots are red, then price passes the volatility test for a short.

Take Profit/Stoploss Quantity Removed
1 Take Profit: 100% of the trade is closed when the profit target or stoploss is reached.
2 Take Profits: Quantity is split 50/50 between Take Profit 1 and Take Profit 2
3 Take Profits: Quantify is split 50/25/25.

Stratgey Inputs

Baseline Length
Post Baseline Cross Qualifier Enabled
Post Baseline Cross Qualifier Bars Ago
ATR Length
Volatility Multiplier
Volatility Range Multiplier
Volatility Qualifier Multiplier
Take Profit Type
1 Take Profit
HMA Length
Release Notes:
New Version Coming
Release Notes:
Baseline crossover
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