Uber SSL Channel [UTS]

The SSL channel is a mighty breakout and trend-following indicator.
It is assumed as TOP 100 Forex indicator and was featured by VP of No Nonsense Forex.

General Usage

A SSL Moving Averages cross (color changes as well) is assumed as ENTRY signal and the trader can open a position following the trend direction.
Such a signal is also always an EXIT signal for currently active trades.

Moving Averages

16 different Moving Averages are available:
A freely determinable length allows for sensitivity adjustments that fits your own requirements.


Traders can easily use the trend change signals to trigger alerts from:
  • Up Signal
  • Down Signal

Those values are > zero if a condition is triggered.
Alert condition example: "Up Signal" - "GreaterThan" - "0"

Visit http://ubertradingsystems.com or send a direct message for information about indicator access.

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