Hancock - Pump Catcher [BitMEX] [Alerts]

This is a study to the version of the strategy found here.

It generates 3 alerts:

CLOSE - Triggers to close all open positions
LONG - Triggers to open a long position
SHORT - Triggers to open a short position

Commands for alerts (without stop-loss) to get you started:

CLOSE - a=bitmex e=bitmextestnet c=position t=market
LONG - a=bitmex e=bitmextestnet b=long s=xbtusd l=5 q=99% t=market
SHORT - a=bitmex e=bitmextestnet b=short s=xbtusd l=5 q=99% t=market

I would advise including a stop-loss with your commands. These commands are for autoview and don't include a stop loss, use autoview command documentation to add stop-loss.

Happy trading
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