0-100 Trend System [ETH:E1.02]

The 0-100 Trend System is crafted for occasional traders who do not want to spend all day monitoring chart movements. The system tries to identify 8-week trend cycles, so occasional investors have to execute less than one trade per month and spend less than 30 minutes a month on the strategy.

How to interpret:
  • Buy when line flips green
  • Stay alert when line is yellow
  • Sell/Short when line flips purple

Setting Parameters are fine-tuned for ETH only. Change setting parameters to apply to other charts.

More information on this strategy:
This trading strategy utilizes a combination of dynamic price smoothing techniques and advanced indicators to identify and capitalize on trends in the ETH (Ethereum) market. The strategy employs different types of price smoothing methodologies, including exponential smoothing, linear regression smoothing, and zero-lag exponential smoothing. The system automatically adapts its parameters based on market volatility, closely following price during trending phases while remaining stable during congestion periods. These techniques are calculated using specific parameters and weighted functions to enhance their accuracy and effectively capture market trends.

Additionally, the strategy incorporates a chop filter, which helps identify periods of consolidation or choppy price action. By utilizing a multiplier derived from market price movement, the strategy discerns between a distinct trend and a choppy market phase, enabling traders to tailor their trading strategies accordingly.

The strategy allows for customization by providing options for trade direction, partial exits, and backtesting date range. Traders can choose to take long positions, short positions, or both, depending on their trading preferences. The strategy also offers partial exit functionality, where traders can choose to exit a portion of their position when the trend changes to a neutral state or when a specific threshold is crossed. Furthermore, traders have the flexibility to define a specific percentage for partial exits, allowing for more nuanced trade management.


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