MACD Crossover Trend Indicator

How this indicator works:

This indicator detects MACD Crossovers based on the current trend. It checks wether the current close price is above or below the 200 EMA and therefore decides whether we are in an up- or down trend.

UP-TREND: If the MACD is below 0 and crosses up the signal line, then this is a BUY signal!

DOWN-TREND: If the MACD is above 0 and crosses down the signal line, then this is a SELL signal!

How to trade this:

First rule: Be consistent!
Second rule: You will have lost trades and losing streaks - deal with it!

  • First set the SL slightly below the last significant low (eventually add/subtract the ATR value to/from it)
  • Then adjust the TP and ALWAYS use a RR ratio of 1.5.
  • NEVER get out of the trade earlier
  • Take every possible trade!

Important: Money management is key... so be consistent!

Have fun! :)
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Hi there,

I hope this reaches you.

Is there a way to add alerts?
I would love it if my trading view app sent me a notification when a buy or sell signal happens.

Love this strategy
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thanks for your scrip,
just wondering if is there any way you can add a part that plot the EMA 200 on the chart?
as you know on the free version on tradingview you cant add more than 3 indicators,
so it would be great if you can add a scrip that shows the EMA 200 on the chart as well
This is a great script, but is there any way I can edit the script do this:

- If a Buy label is created on the chart, it cannot create another Buy label, unless a Sell label has been created previously?
- If a Sell label is created on the chart, it cannot create another Sell label, unless a Buy label has been created previously?

This would mean there's far less Buy and Sell labels, but if the script was used with an alert, it would only be triggered for one buy, then one sell, so if you were going all-in then it would stop it trying to make repeat buys and sells.