Market Info Bar Charts - Was Bored

Simple script in a form of a bar chart showing you some market information ;)
Release Notes: Added Information:

Volatility is calculated using the relative volatility index

Market Control is calculated using exponential moving averages and the percent of the strength is based on how many bars the market goes on in that trend.

Market Strength is calculated with RSI and will change colour if it is overbought (red) or oversold (green)

Money Index is calculated with Money Flow Index

Rate of Change is calculated with ROC but it cannot go to a negative number and the max it can go up to is a 100%.

You can change anything in this market info bar chart indicator if you need :)
Release Notes: Changed the font-size so that it suits the bar charts on different time-frames (still isn't fully accurate due to the limitation of font-sizes on pinescript)

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