EMA Ribbon [Krypt]

A convenient way to add a ribbon indicator (one indicator instead of multiple EMAs)
Release Notes: update chart
Open-source script

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How to add buy/sell alerts?
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how to custom the indicator so that the MA dumps phases come out as red (various opacities of it) and when it pumps the MAs come out as green (also various shades of it) ?
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raphydor raphydor
Merci! :)
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very useful !
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nice one bruvva
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embarrassedAnt94068 TheCryptician
@TheCryptician, how do u use it?
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Kenlau90 embarrassedAnt94068
@embarrassedAnt94068, where the lines are formed and crossed together those are the buy or selling points
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@Kenlau90, ahh the crossovers - death/golden. great. thanks bruh.
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Kenlau90 embarrassedAnt94068
@embarrassedAnt94068, exactly :) you're welcome bro!
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god bless you for this indicator!!
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