WhaleCrew Vision

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Vision is an advanced momentum oscillator that visualizes momentum strength with overbought and oversold readings.

  • Momentum Waves
  • Divergence Detection (regular and hidden divergences)
  • Detection for momentum shifts (detects higher lows/lower highs on the oscillator)
  • Detection for momentum stagnation
  • Moneyflow
  • Most important: Our Custom Strategy Builder

Custom Strategy Builder
The custom strategy builder is a framework that allows you to easily create custom strategies.

1. Configure long/short conditions
Pre-defined conditions for custom timeframes, under which you're looking to potentially enter a trade.

2. Configure trigger
Select a trigger (e.g. "Wave Cross" or "Wave Lower High") to generate labels/alerts for potential entries, whenever long/short conditions are met.

3. Configure Take Profit Conditions
Potential Take Profits are triggered by momentum stagnation.

4. Backtest your strategy
By using our open-source backtester script (published on our profile).

5. Trade responsibly
Manually review each signal/alert before taking any actions.

Note: The "Strategy Backtest" input section can also help you develop your strategy.

You can use this indicator to follow the trend, detect momentum shifts or memorize patterns.
Take a systematic approach by using our strategy builder.

Access to this indicator can be obtained through our website.
Release Notes:
Reworked inputs
-reduced complexity of strategy builder
-reworked strategy builder
Release Notes:
Fixed an input issue that would stop you from adding Vision to your chart
Release Notes:
Added Stochastics
Release Notes:
Added "Stochastics Align" alert
Release Notes:
Momentum Waves Update:
-added Overbought Dots (bearish wave cross above overbought threshold)
-added Overboughts/Oversold Dots settings
Release Notes:
Reworked divergences
-added option to use the "Fast Wave" for the divergences

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Author's instructions

Access to this indicator can be obtained through our website.

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