This one combines divergences + macd X + pumps/dumps + supertrend + ATH / ATL + MA X

Label meanings....

- Red is a negative/sell signal
- Green is a positive/buy signal

- adds up multiple divergent signals on one candle
- Divergences include RSI + MACD + Stochastics + OBV
- Due to too many OBV Divergence false signals it only displays OBV Divergence another type of Divergence exists at same candle

h1..hn = hidden divergences
r1...rn = regular/normal divergences

hn* or rn* = The star (*) denotes that a MACD Divergence exists in this counter ( MACD is strongest IMO)

x = MACD CrossOver or Under
x* = MA CrossOver or Under (MA 50 with MA 100)
x** = MA CrossOver or Under (MA 50 with MA 200)

st = supertrend

p = pump ( volume )

d = dump ( volume )

Can only work out divergences from most recent high or low so don't expect it to be omnipotent.
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