Multi-RSI BB Fast Trader Autoview & Alerts Indicator


This is a fully featured StochRSI, RSI & Bollinger Band customisable indicator with custom conditions and alerts that can be taken
advantage of using automated solutions such as Autoview, or using it alongside/testing BUY/SELL conditions against your favourite markets
to maximise gains in ProfitTrailer 2.0 and finally you can use this a standalone manual general purpose signals indicator to scalp or accumulate your chosen market.


  • 3 different core strategies with fully customisable buy / sell conditions to suit your needs: StochRSI + RSI + BB, StochRSI + BB, BB
  • Toggleable conditional logic to further tweak your buy / sell conditions: Conservative Conditions, Aggressive Conditions
  • New intuitive chart layout to make the tweaking process visually easy and appealing. With this layout its incredibly easy to see why conditions might not be met and helps guide you on what settings need to be tweaked.
  • 2 custom alerts that be used to either signal a manual trade or for use with automated solutions such as Autoview.

Planned Updates:

  • Version 1.1: Toggleable
  • Version 1.2: Toggleabe
  • Version 1.3: Toggleable
  • More currently being planned!

Trial Access:

  • 48 hour no obligation trial access just leave a message on the script and PM me.

Permanent Access:

Flat Fee: 0.10 ETH (0. 05 for any previous purchaser of my work)

As with all my TradingView indicators, there are no monthly fees or subscriptions. I don't make these for the money but I do add a fee to avoid over-saturation so I can give
those that see value in it and want to use it the best experience:

  • Lifetime full access to the indicator and any subsequent updates/improvements for it.
  • Full support over TV or Discord to help you create a suitable strategy for your needs.
  • 50% discount off any future/previous work I have created on TradingView.
Release Notes: Version 1.1 (Minor Release)


  • Sell Only Mode
  • Buy Only Mode


  • Improved titles of all plots across the settings so you can easily see what UI elements turn off / on
  • Improved titles of parameter settings for added clarity

  • RSI line was 'behind' its trigger lines, this has been amended
  • Stoch lines were 'behind' their trigger lines, this has been amended

Note: I use a dark custom theme for my TradingView charts, remember you can edit all the colour settings of the indicator and toggle plots off (eg: RSI, Stoch) and it still remain fully functional with your settings.

Thanks guys, 'Aggressive' custom logic settings will be the next update in 1.2!
Release Notes: Minor Version: UI Tweaks

This is a minor version however some big tweaks to the UI have been made based on feedback.

Here is a changelist:

  • The BB and Candles will appear in between the RSI & SRSI Indicators as opposed to above them for easier viewing
  • Added UI setting inputs to move the RSI and SRSI indicators on their Y axis to your preference
  • Added setting options to hide SRSI and RSI thresholds to declutter the chart if they are not needed
  • To still allow users to see when the SRSI and RSI have hit user set thresholds, UP/DOWN arrows at the top of the page will indicate this for the RSI and at the bottom of the page for SRSI

Much more features, coming soon!
Release Notes: Quick Patch:

Added Buy/Sell text to easily illustrate signal locations.
Release Notes: Hotfix

Release 1.2 is next week with aggressive settings

This quick patch includes a fix to the sell only mode / buy only mode + text labels appearing correctly.
Release Notes: Version 1.2 Released!


  • Aggressive Settings: This is a logic preset independent from the settings you set (won't affect you threshold or buy/sell value lines) but what it does do is the opposite of the conservative mode settings. It will look to enter higher risk trades and hold the coin longer after the sell thresholds have been hit to try maximise % profit gain. This is a optional setting to experiment with.


Even with constant updates my indicators remain a flat 0.10 ETH with full personal support from me and 50% off any future work I create for being a supporter. Please just PM or leave a comment on the script if you are interested in purchasing.

48H free trial available on request
Release Notes:
Release Notes: Version 1.3


  • Restrict Signal Repeats - You can now limit the signals to only display the first signal hit within desired conditions and then mute subsequent signals within the condition met. This is a fantastic improvement for Autoview users and/or PT users that use these signals for their buying strategy.

I want to thank everyone for their feedback and support, i've enjoyed improving this indicator and will continue to do so.


With version 1.3 marks a milestone of content for the indicator as it now is a powerful package to use for a buying / selling strategy whether automated or manual. Despite this I will be keeping the price of the indicator stable at 0.10 ETH (50% off if you own any of my other work). Please contact me for access details.

48H free trials available on request
Release Notes: Version 1.4


  • BB Multiplier: Added a new parameter enabling the user to adjust and set the standard deviation multiplier of the BB bands to further increase customisation

More improvements and features in the pipeline!

Support & Community Discord Group


All documentation can be find on the server & you can enjoy 20% off the indicator for joining up

48 Hour trials available upon request
Release Notes: Bug Fix

Credit to one of my supports fabston on discord for raising an issue which I have investigated and found a fairly major bug detailed below. This is now fixed and tested - i'd advice everyone using this indicator to update to latest version and re-add their alerts for assurance.


  • Alert conditions were based on the main buy logic only whilst the chart UI is reflective of all the conditions that are being used to determine buying/selling points. This has been fixed to the alerts are now aligned to the chart.
Release Notes: Version No. Update
Release Notes: Bug Fix Release

Fix Details:

  • Logic Preset : Aggressive Buy/Sells: There was a defect where sells were being incorrectly calculated and were no showing on the chart due to impossible criteria. This has now been fix and you should now see both buys and sells.

Improvement Details:

  • RSI YAxis: Allows for negative values for more flexibility in movement

As always, thank you for the immense support!
Release Notes: Feature Update

  • RSI Timeframe Signal Restriction: This logic that I programmed for my margin trading script has been ported over! It is fundamentally an RSI based trigger that you can set a custom time-frame for, it will restrict your signals based on OS/OB conditions too, eg. you wont create longs if the ticker is very overbought on the 1D time frame - extremely useful for optimising trades even further
  • BB Multiplier: Now edit this in decimal increments - it's the small things!

    Interested in trying this indicator?

    Join my community here:
Release Notes: Feature Update


  • MACD has been added to the indicator (and backtesting indicator) to allow even more flexibility within this indicator often making very high quality trades when dialed in correctly. As with all settings the MACD parameters are fully customisable so you are not limited by a set strategy.

Interesting in using this indicator? Check out where you will find access details, other tools and a whole community of traders.
Release Notes: Update UI Rework

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