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Introducing Solution Pro
an all-in-one toolkit featuring 9 powerful built-in indicators. No limits on strategies, as you can create countless market edges by combining these indicators.
Let's explore and master their usage together.

1. Signal: Best Tools for Trade Confirmation
The signal comprises six components:
1. Label
2. Cloud
3. Trailing stop line
4. Candle color
5. Stop zone
6. Target zone

You can use these tools alone or in combination with others. Upon spotting the signal, you have two options: enter the trade immediately following the signal or wait for a pullback setup to form (refer to the chart below).
If you miss the initial signal, the most suitable alternative is to wait for a pullback setup. Once the price returns to the cloud and trailing stop line, you can enter a trade in line with the signal's direction. Additionally, we incorporate stop zone and target zone to manage risk effectively.

2. Ultratrend: The Easy Way to Identify Trends and Dynamic Key Areas.
Replace moving averages on your chart with this powerful indicator. It provides clear pullback setups for a more effective trend ride. With just one glance, you can instantly determine the trend direction and key areas.

3. Hero Cloud: An Advanced Alternative to Ichimoku Cloud.
Unlike traditional trend indicators such as moving averages or Ichimoku Cloud, Hero Cloud remains effective even in range markets. This is my preferred and most utilized tool for analysis.
You have two options: either enter the trade when the cloud changes color or wait for the setup below to form.

4. Introducing reversal indicator : "Fair Price Hunter"
a unique indicator that provides an ultimate trading edge. Keeping it simple for now, you can follow the midline to ride the trend or enter at the optimal zone. When the price crosses above the midline, enter a position based on its color.

5. Channel : an excellent tool for identifying tops and bottoms in range markets.
When the price reacts to the upper band, it's a good time to consider entering a short position. On the other hand, if the price reacts to the lower band, it indicates an optimal price to enter a long position.

6. Volume Profile - one of the most renowned tools in the world of technical analysis.

7. "HTF" - Higher Time Frame Candlestick.
a crucial tool for traders employing multi-timeframe analysis. It provides the convenience of viewing volume, supply and demand zones, and candlestick patterns from the higher timeframe without the need to switch timeframes manually.

8. Auto Key Area
a useful tool for price action lover. When combined with other indicators, it enhances your trading edge and increases the likelihood of successful trades.

9. Dashboard - a comprehensive tool that provides information at a glance.
The "Total Score" generates signals based on RSI, MACD, Ichimoku, and SMA. Additionally, the "F/G Index" serves as an alternative to the renowned Fear and Greed Index.

Learn how to filter signals effectively by combining indicators:
For instance, if the signal indicator generates a buy signal but Ultratrend shows a bearish trend, it's wise to disregard the buy signal.

Furthermore, this indicator can aid in confirming your trading setup. When the price returns to the supply zone and the cloud indicates a bearish trend, you can identify a pullback setup. By incorporating Hero Cloud, you gain strong confirmation to enter a short position.

You possess the flexibility to customize all indicator details to your preference. This includes changing colors, display options, and lengths for each indicator separately.

and you have access to the Hybrid Alert feature, which allows you to set alarms for individual indicators or trigger alerts based on multiple conditions.
For instance, you can create an alert when the signal generates sell signals by following these steps.

Alternatively, if you wish to be alerted when Ultratrend is in bullish mode and the signal generates a buy signal, you can easily configure the settings accordingly.

"This concise overview briefly introduces the indicator's various components to avoid unnecessary verbosity. In the following sections, I will provide a clear explanation of using the settings and identifying trading edges."
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