You can use this indicator for Volume

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Release Notes: *****English******
In this new version we added ALERT function:
* Alert Volume cross Average
* Alert When Volume cross Average at BULLISH Candle
* Alert When Volume cross Average at BEARISH Candle
* Alert when Volume is greater than 2x Average
* Alert when Volume is greater than 3x Average

Bu yeni versiyonda ALARM özelliği eklendi
* Hacim Ortalamayı kestiğinde Alarm
* Boğa mumunda, Hacim Ortalamayı kestiğinde Alarm
* Ayı mumunda, Hacim Ortalamayı kestiğinde Alarm
* Hacim Ortalamanın 2 katına çıktığında Alarm
* Hacim Ortalamanın 3 katına çıktığında Alarm
Release Notes: *English - Bug Fixed - Decimals took lots of space bug fixed

*Turkce - Hata Düzeltildi - Ondalık sayılar çok yer kaplıyordu, hata düzeltildi
Release Notes: Bug Fixed
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What's the difference between this indicator and the normal volume indicator?
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Hi, i'm fairly new and would like to know, what exactly am I looking at with this indicator ? what's different about it from other volume indicators? thanks!
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thx so much more.
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not being very resposive when people ask genuine questions... like whats the difference? what are we looking for???
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younginvestor95 TradingSargent
@TradingSargent, it basically shows you potential whale buys, that's it.
Wyckoff_Dream younginvestor95
@younginvestor95, Can you tell me how to use it?
hocam slm deneme için whatsapp dan konuşmuştuk .onay alabilirmiyim.teşekürler
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FxCanli huseyin1981
@huseyin1981, Merhaba, indikatörü direk indikatör ekleme sayfasından ekleyebilirisniz
sayfada "FxCanli_Volume_Hacim" yazarsanız çıkacaktır. ücretsiz kullanabilirsiniz
Umut bey emeginize saglik, tesekkur
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