TFi Price Action Resampling Filter V1

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The script is resampling the price based on its range/price-action and creates an alternative filter to smoothen price movements.

Overview of features:
  • Optional stop-loss
  • Optional flags to control the position entry
  • Optional flags to control the position exit
  • Built-in backtesting engine with start balance, position size and pyramiding
  • Inputs for a percentage entry and exit slippage, entry/exit and daily funding fees
  • Configurable alerts, which follow the exact position of the entry/exit marker
  • Alert messages contain predefined trading instruction to execute orders via Alertatron or TradeFab's proprietary trading server

The script renders a status box at the last bar, which shows the current position status and result of the built-in trading simulation results.
It shows the following statistic values:
  • Current position PnL - also background turns green if position is in profit and red if in loss
  • Average entry price and number of positions
  • Current percentage distance to the optional stop-loss level
  • Current Maximum Draw Down
  • Overall number of wins and losses and the win/loss ratio
  • Overall profit and loss amount, paid fees
  • Overall profit-ratio and Maximum Draw Down
  • Overall balance and ROI
Release Notes:
V1.26 Changes
  • updated alert options
  • ROI calculated per year
  • replaced stats label with table; backtest start 2019=>2018
  • added long/short option
  • added SL "Trail" option; added inExitSlLockout option

Thanks Frank, TradeFab LLC

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