Combined Ichimoku + Modified Vegas Tunnel

2x Ichimoku
Wavy/Vegas Tunnel
RSI candles

This is a script combining the traditional and crypto-adjusted Ichimoku settings (9/26/52/26 and 10/30/60/30, respectively) with a modified Vegas tunnel (EMAs 126, 144, 169). The EMA waves are also in the script if you'd like to use them. RSI candles show overbought/oversold levels 80 and 20 as well as potential reversals/crossovers at the 70 and 30 levels.

If you know how to use both strategies, combining them to fit your trading style should not be too difficult.

S/O to WaveRiders for the Wavy Tunnel and Glaz for the RSI candle codebase.
Release Notes: This script is for sale at
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