PSAR Indicator can be used by traders to determine trend direction, potential reversals in price, and quality trade entries.
The HTF PSAR filter can be used to trade with HTF trends while firing alerts on low time frames. It can also ensure you stay on trend during major reversals.

-The PSAR Indicator starts with the SMA9 and SMA62 Simple moving averages which are plotted on chart. (SMA9 is Green, SMA62 is Red.)
-SMA Crosses are plotted indicating trend direction (whether bearish or bullish ) and will print Longs or Shorts on the chart as long as Indicator filtering settings align.
-The parabolic SAR appears on the chart as a series of dots, either above or below an asset's price, depending on the direction the price is moving.
-Red dots indicate bearish trend , whereas green dots indicate bullish trend . The PSAR Indicator will do well on larger scale time frames for trend detection.
-You can also enable/disable the SMA Limiter, which can help eliminate late signals and divergences.
-The RSI HTF filter can be used to filter out tops and bottoms on lower time frames as well.

Use the divergence filter (BULL/BEAR DIV ) to avoid tops/bottoms with weakening RSI . We call these RSI fake outs, and they are now a thing of the past!

Multiple Time Frames for Bullish and Bearish Diversions!
This allows us to capture more price action depending on overall market trend, with diversions cutting less price action in the direction of the overall market.
This also allows us manage risk on counter trading by making counter trend Diversions more sensitive.

Enable/Disable Diversions
During pumps it could be more profitable to run PSAR without Diversions. This gives us a legacy V3 mode


This is really a ground breaking update. I have created a custom HTF function to eliminate repainting, so every alert you see on the chart will fire in real-time.

Important note: With NRP you must wait for candle closure on HTF before alerts will react, so if there is a 5m trend change it will take 5 minutes to react.
allows users to confirm trend change with higher highs (longs) or lower lows (shorts), as well as set the analysis period for trend change

To gain access to the script please send a message or visit the link below!
Release Notes: Updated V4 default values on HTF RSI to 67/45.
Updated V4 default values without DIVS enabled for more signals.
Release Notes: Updating V4 RSI default values.
Release Notes: STP has released a massive update to the PSAR Divergence filter!

  • New divergence filter allows more precision when cutting tops and bottoms
  • Improved visualizations to show divergences while keeping charts visually cleaner
  • Single time frame for Divergence Filter for ease of use and to reduce repainting
  • PSAR trend alerts for your HTF PSAR filter and PSAR Verify filter (use these to enable/disable bots based on HTF trend)
Release Notes: Updated trend change alerts to only fire once per trend change.
Release Notes: We now have a DEFAULT SETTINGS DROP DOWN MENU which will allow you to easily set your bot up for low, medium, high, or degen settings WITHOUT having to touch advanced settings like the DIVs and analysis period. This will make everyone's life a lot easier especially for new users first starting off with PSAR!

The lower, medium, higher settings will automatically adjust the advanced settings according to your chosen risk level (using the settings from our PSAR Settings Spreadsheet).
Highest (Degen) is DIVs off... be careful with this!
Release Notes: How to use:
Selecting None will use your own custom advanced settings.
Selecting any of the other default settings will override advanced settings.
Release Notes:
  • Improved Default Risk Settings
  • Changed Default PSAR HTF 5m
  • Included 60m Trend Verification with "Lower" Setting

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