TACBotz Updated   
TACBotz is designed to work in any market condition, and allows users to:

1. Detect the direction of trends in the price - using confluence between moving averages and oscillators
2. Detect volume trends - using moving averages and volume bar to volume bar comparisons
3. Automatic and real-time support & resistance levels - by using calculations that detect irregular price action patterns
4. Identify ideal entries and exits that are volume , trend, and/or support & resistance driven by identifying confluences on the above signals
5. Combine signals to form advanced strategies by using repeatable patterns such as Sc0 entry to Fade, or Sc1 entry to Fade
6. Filter out bad and/or dangerous entries by avoiding entering longs into resistance levels, or shorts into support levels
7. Identify holding conditions by scaling out with exit signals or monitoring background trend color (toggle Background Trend to "On" in the settings)
Release Notes:
- Updated alert logic to wait for signal to close to avoid flashing signals causing false positives
- Added background colors back into the default view
Release Notes:
Added Scenario 69 signal for Scenario 0 (new entry signal)
Added configuration settings for Scenario 69 (customization)
Restored auto-display of Additional TAC levels (bug fix)
Cleaned up overlapping signals (better look and feel)
Release Notes:
Cleaned up overlapping signals (better look and feel)
Added Scenario 69 for Large Vol In (new feature)
Release Notes:
Fixed display issue with short signals (bug fix)
Release Notes:
Updated logic to suppress Scenario 1 entries (Sc1) when a trend is already fully developed.
Release Notes:
Updated script to not show the Mom Out signal on top of the Large Vol In signal (look and feel)
Release Notes:
Introducing our new signal called Sc69.1 (new feature) for both long and short entries.
Release Notes:
Updated logic for Fade Up and Fade Down exit alerts:

  • Fade Up = Downward selling pressure has faded (looking back)
  • Fade Down = Upward buying pressure has faded (looking back)
Release Notes:
Updated Fade signals' display to match updated logic for the alerts.
Release Notes:
Updated code to enhance signal loading speed.
Release Notes:
Fixed color displays
Release Notes:
  • Added Trend In Long/Short as Alert Types
  • Removed Momentum In Long/Short as Alert Types
Release Notes:
Cosmetic Changes: Updated Fade Up and Fade Down color scheme to match the TACBotz Scenario 1 TPSL indicator.

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