🔰RyuMulti - Ryuzaki Multi-Indicator

This indicator uses a combination of several methods and indicators combined conveniently into one. It is a mix of useful tools with my own added settings to help easily identify trends and levels. It is unique as it additionally has my own settings, modifications, and options for each of the different sections and indicators. The Ichimoku section not only contains the Ichimoku indicator but additionally added my own custom trend coloring for the Ichimoku , Kumo breakout signals, and custom settings options for custom inputs, default, and crypto settings for quick and easily selection and switching. This indicator is much more than just Ichimoku or a cloud or MAs, as I have added trend candle colors with several optins, 16 custom MAs which you can select any type from 11 different options, 3 custom MA crossovers with labels and any combination of all the MA types, auto support/resistance levels with price labels, and much more. It is free to use and add to your chart and can be useful for any trader to check trends, S/R levels, set up your own MA clouds and crossovers, set up own custom MAs types lengths and levels plots, and dynamic ATR trailing stop option. Additionally, it will save you from adding +10 different indicators to your chart by using a multi-indicator. If there's any other improvements or additions that you would like to see for this indicator please let me know. If this indicator has been useful to you, please support by liking and following on TradingView and Twitter and you can check out my other private indicators with many more features.

Works for any asset and timeframe and any market. Everything is customizable. The settings can be customized to your preference and optimized to your particular asset and timeframe.

  • +KB/-KB - Ichimoku Kumo breakouts/breakdowns
  • +TK/-TK - Ichimoku Tenkan/Kijun bullish / bearish crosses
  • +ATR/-ATR - Average True Range trailing stop trend breakouts
  • MA - Moving average with 11 different custom types
  • X1/X2/X3 - Custom MA crossovers signals will show the length, ex. 21/55
  • S1-5 & R1-5 - Support/Resistance levels 1-5 for auto S/R swing highs/lows

  • Ichimoku - Full indicator with added trend candle coloring, KB & TK signals
  • ATR - Trailing stoploss trend with line & breakout signals
  • 16 Custom MAs can choose any type with 11 types for each
  • 6 of the MAs used for 3 custom crossovers X1, X2, X3 any type & length
  • X1, X2, X3 MAs plots with trend colored cloud & candle colors options
  • The other 10 MAs used for custom MAs plots any type & length
  • Auto Support/Resistance swing highs/lows levels S1-5 & R1-5
  • Bollinger Bands indicator plots and BBands breakouts upper/lower signals

The settings section will be broken up into different sections for each indicator. For each of the indicators sections in the settings you can easily show/hide that indicator by checking the box at the top and title of the indicator section, it will say check to show/hide all.

You may select between, Ichimoku , ATR, X1, X2, or X3 trend candle coloring methods. Default is set to Ichimoku .

Ichimoku trend candle colors definitions:

For ATR, X1, X2, and X3 - lime is bullish and red is bearish .

Note: To see the trend candle colors as shown, go to chart settings, Symbol tab, under Candles turn off Borders option.

You can show/hide each plot options in the settings for the kumo (cloud), tenkan (conversion line), kijun (base line), and chikou span (lagging line). The TK crosses and KB signals can be turned on/off from the settings as well. With default on only shows the kumo and KB signals.

For the Ichimoku settings you can select the options to use the custom inputs which are set to default Ichimoku settings, saved default settings 9/26/52/26, crypto settings 10/30/60/30, or cryto settings doubled 20/60/120/30. This allows you to quickly and easily switch back and fourth to various settings and also saves your custom input settings.

Note: Price may be above or below the kumo (cloud) and not show a KB signal yet meaning it is still waiting for confirmation before showing the signal. This is by design to help reduce false signals and noise.

You can choose to show/hide the ATR trend line and the +ATR/-ATR breakout signals, they are default shown on. The settings are standard that you can adjust the ATR period and multiplier with two inputs. The default settings are set for a wider trailing stop level in order to reduce noise and stay with the trend longer throughout the trend. You can adjust these settings to optimize for your preference on the particular asset and timeframe.

There are 16 custom MAs which you can select which MA type and length for each to use. You can select any MA type and combination for crossovers.

The 11 different MA types to chooses for each custom MA:

For X1, X2, and X3 uses the first 6 MAs for MA1-MA6 - you can show the MA plots with trend coloring cloud for each, default only X1 cloud is shown with X2 and X3 hidden. You can select to show/hide the cloud and all of the crosses signals, and change the transparency of the cloud from the input settings. Bullish / bearish crosses signals are shown with the MAs length inputs. For example, X1 default is set to MA1 type as EMA and length of 21, and MA2 type as EMA with length of 55. So a bullish cross will show 21/55 green and a bearish cross will show 21/55 red printed on the chart. Since X2 has different lengths it will show 50/100 for the crosses with default settings. You can change any type and length and mix and match any combination, for example can have MA1 as EMA and MA2 as MA for an EMA /MA cross, default both are EMAs.

For MA7-MA16 the last 10 MAs are used for custom MA plots. So you can plot any MA type and length and combination you want. They are default set to EMAs and MAs and hidden but you can set to your preference type, length, and colors. To show them and turn on in the custom MA section select the show/hide box option for each MA7-16 up to 10 MAs.

This indicator will automatically show the horizontal support and resistance levels of the swing highs and swing lows. There are 5 levels for both support and resistance so 10 levels total. However, the indicator will automatically hide some levels to avoid overlapping levels and text so all levels are still shown.

You can choose to hide all levels or just supports or resistances in the settings options, all are default shown. Also, you can choose to show/hide the text price and levels labels which are default shown. There is an option to show the S/R breakouts bullish / bearish circles plots, which are default off.

The levels cannot be adjusted and auto detect the swing highs/lows, but there is an option to choose the swing high/low candle source type of either the candle close or from the wick.

You can customize all of the plot settings of the horizontal lines. By default the supports are green and the resistances are red, however can be changed in the settings options. You can choose to extend the S/R levels all the way in both directions or choose to just extend which will not extend all the way to the right and will extend to the specified offset extended input. The width of the horizontal S/R levels lines can be adjust in the settings to your preference as well as the text size. There is an offset input in the settings to adjust the price text and levels labels position and if chosen to not extend both ways you can select the offset how many candles for the line to extend to.

From the indicators input settings you can select to show/hide all of the bands upper/middle/lower at once for quick viewing/hiding. Additionally, I added signals for when price has broken out above the upper band and below the lower band which can be turned on/off. The default settings have the BBands and BBands breakout signals off. The settings inputs are standard for the BBands with two inputs, one for the BBands length, and the other for the standard deviation with default settings used.

You can set alerts for all of the signals in the indicator. There are options for:
  • Ichimoku - +KB, -KB, +TK, -TK signals
  • ATR - +ATR and -ATR breakout signals
  • Custom MA Crosses - X1, X2, and X3 both bullish and bearish crosses signals
  • Bollinger Bands - BBands breakouts upper/lower bands signals

There are no repaint issues with the indicator. It uses live data of the candle close so on the current candle as the price fluctuates it is possible for a signal to appear and disappear. The signal is confirmed on the candle close so you must wait for the candle to close for confirmation of the signal. Once the signal is printed and candle has closed then it will never change. When setting the alerts be sure to select the 'Once Per Bar Close' option to avoid false signals from the live data.

Labels are used for the custom MA cross signals to allow for the dynamic text option to show the cross length, for example X1 signal, '21/55' from the length inputs. Due to TradingView's auto garbage collection of labels, the older labels on the chart will be removed automatically due to the limits of the total number of labels that can appear on the screen.

The how to use and examples section will be broken up into different sections for each indicator.

Ichimoku trend candle colors example below.

ATR trend candle colors example below.

X1 custom MAs trend candle colors example below.

Ichimoku with default settings example shown below.

Ichimoku with crypto settings doubled option 20/60/120/30 shown below.

ATR with default settings shown below.

X1, X2, X3 - Custom MA Crosses with default settings example shown below.

X1, X2, and X3 with all MAs and clouds with trend coloring example shown below.

X1 shown with custom settings changed to RMA type with 10/20 cross shown below.

Custom MA plots MA7-MA16 for 10 custom types and lengths with default settings shown below.

Auto S/R swing high/low with default settings example shown below.

Auto S/R breakout circles bullish / bearish default off and shown below.

Bollinger bands indicator default hidden is shown below.

Bollinger bands breakouts upper/lower bands signals shown below.

In conclusion, I hope you find this indicator and tool useful in your trading. It is free so feel free to add it to your charts and try it out. Any feedback and suggestions are welcome. It can help assist with your own analysis and easily identify the trend with multiple methods. Ichimoku and kumo breakouts signals and alerts with customizable settings, ATR breakouts and customizable settings, any combination of MA type and crossover that you can set up will help make sure you are on the right side with the trend. As well as easily identifying levels with auto support/resistance levels and can use your own custom MAs and cloud to identify potential support and resistance levels. You can set alerts for the signals with your settings so you don't have to watch the charts 24/7 saving you time. Also, this indicator helps to save from adding +10 different indicators to your chart and having them all in one multi-indicator.

If you liked the indicator and found helpful please be sure to like the script and follow, and also follow on Twitter for more updates. You can check out my other private premium indicators, details, and information in the link below and on my profile, or feel free to send a DM . My other indicator Kashikoi Anaraiza shown below is much more advanced and has my own trend trading methods and indicators included: RyuTA - Ryuzaki Trend Analyzer with trend reversals and more, RyuKumo with BULL/BEAR trend and warnings and 3 trend colored cloud levels, RyuTrend with 6 BULL/BEAR levels, and also including the trend methods in this indicator with Ichimoku , ATR, and custom MAs. With Kashikoi indicator you can use any combination of all of the methods to create your own strategy for both long and short. It also includes auto and custom take profit and stoploss options with trailing stoploss options. Also, pyramid method option for adding multiple entries with custom settings. Features the trend tiers system to easily identify trend strength and more. It also includes the backtester so that you can optimize your strategy with the best settings and parameters for each asset and timeframe. You can read more about it below.
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