Price Action Candles v0.1 by JustUncleL

This script was created by request. It finds major price action bars, each pattern can be turned off/on individually.
NOTE: This is a Beta release, if you find errors please comment.
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// Name: Price Action Candlesticks v0.1 by JustUncleL
// By: JustUncleL
// Date: 16-Aug-2016
// Version: v0.1
// Description:
//   Identifies the candlestick patterns as used in
//   "Price Action Battle Station by theforexguy". All the identification 
//   of PA candles is dissabled by default.
//   The patterns identified are:
//   - Dark Cloud Cover : large body bull candle followed by large body
//       bear candle that covers the upper bull candle and closes in the
//       lower 50% of bull body.
//   - Piecing Line : large body bear candle followed by large body
//       bull candle that covers the lower bear candle and closes in the
//       upper 50% of bear body.
//   - Doji (aka spinning top): small or no body candle with wicks top and 
//       bottom that are at least 30% of candle.
//   - Bullish Engulfing: a bear candle followed by a larger bull candle
//       whose body covers the bear candle including the upper wick.
//   - Bearish Engulfing: a bull candle followed by a larger bear candle
//       whose body covers the bull candle including the lower wick.
//   - Outside Bar: a small inner candle followed by a large outer candle. 
//       The outer candle covers the whole inner candle (wick to wick)
//   - Outside Bar: a large inner candle followed by a small outer candle. 
//       The inner candle covers the whole outer candle (wick to wick)
//   - Upper Shadow Pin Bar (aka shooting star, inverted hammer, bull rejection) : 
//       a small body bear (red) candle followed which has a large upper wick
//       and a small lower wick.
//   - Lower Shadow Pin Bar (aka hammer, hanging man, bear rejection) : 
//       a small body bull (green) candle followed which has a large lower wick
//       and a small upper wick.
// references:
//  - Inside/Outside Bars and Pin Barsome calculations based on
//        "CM_Price-Action-Patterns Price Bars That Work! by chrismoody"
//  - Other candles, although they all needed correcting, based on
//        "All Candlestick Pattern identifier by alona.gz"
study(title = "Price Action Candles v0.1 by JustUncleL", overlay = true)

sdc = input(false,title="Show Dark Cloud Cover")
spl = input(false,title="Show Piecing Line")
sdj = input(false,title="Show Doji")
sble = input(false,title="Show Bullish Engulfing")
sbre = input(false,title="Show Bearish Engulfing")
sosb = input(false,title="Show Outside Bars")
sisb = input(false,title="Show Inside Bars")
supp = input(false,title="Show Upper Shadow Pin Bar")
sdnp = input(false,title="Show Lower Shadow Pin Bar")

range = high - low

darkCloud=sdc and (close[1]>open[1] and abs(close[1]-open[1])/range[1]>=0.7 and close<open and abs(close-open)/range>=0.7 and open>=close[1] and close>open[1] and close<((open[1]+close[1])/2))
plotshape(darkCloud,title="Dark Cloud Cover",text='DarkCloud\nCover',color=red, style=shape.arrowdown,location=location.abovebar)

piecingLine=spl and (close[1]<open[1] and abs(open[1]-close[1])/range[1]>=0.7 and close>open and abs(close-open)/range>=0.7 and open<=close[1] and close<open[1] and close>((open[1]+close[1])/2))
plotshape(piecingLine,title="Piercieng Line",text="Piercing\nLine",color=green, style=shape.arrowup,location=location.belowbar)

doji=sdj and (abs(close-open)/(high-low)<0.1 and (high-max(close,open))>(0.3*range) and (min(close,open)-low)>(0.3*range))
plotshape(doji,title="Doji",text='Doji',color=fuchsia, style=shape.circle,location=location.belowbar)

bullishEngulf=sble and (close[1]<open[1] and close>open and close>=high[1] and open<=close[1])
plotshape(bullishEngulf,title="Bullish Engulfing",text='Bullish\nEngulfing',color=green, style=shape.arrowup,location=location.belowbar)

bearishEngulf=sbre and (close[1]>open[1] and close<open and close<=low[1] and open>=close[1])
plotshape(bearishEngulf,title="Bearish Engulfing",text='Bearish\nEngulfing',color=red, style=shape.arrowdown,location=location.abovebar)

//Inside Bars
insideBar = sisb and (high < high[1] and low > low[1])
outsideBar= sosb and (high > high[1] and low < low[1])

//Inside and Outside Bars
//barcolor(insideBar and (up or down)? yellow : na )
//barcolor(outsideBar and (up or down) ? orange : na )
plotshape(insideBar,title="Inside Bar",text="Inside\nBar",color=green, style=shape.arrowup,location=location.belowbar)
plotshape(outsideBar,title="Outside Bar",text="Outside\nBar",color=red, style=shape.arrowdown,location=location.abovebar)

//PBar Percentages
pctP = input(70, minval=1, maxval=99, title="Reversal PBars, % of Range of Candle the Long Wick Has To Be")
pctCp = pctP * .01

///PinBars Long Upper Shadow represent selling pressure
pBarUp = supp and (open>close and open < (high - (range * pctCp)) and close < (high - (range * pctCp)))
///PinBars with Long Lower Shadow represent buying pressure
pBarLo = sdnp and (open<close and open > (low + (range * pctCp)) and close > (low + (range * pctCp)))

plotshape(pBarUp,title="Upper Shadow Pin Bar",text='Upper Shadow\nPinBar',color=red, style=shape.arrowdown,location=location.abovebar)
plotshape(pBarLo,title="Lower Shadow Pin Bar",text='Lower Shadow\nPinBar',color=green, style=shape.arrowup,location=location.belowbar)

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