MTF MA/EMA/DEMA/TEMA +VWAP|BollingerBand 10x

Multi timeframe script to show these indicators:
Line Periods:
9 / 12 / 20 / 50 / 100 / 200 / 250 / Custom 1 / Custom 2 / Custom 3


As additional functions i added the VWAP Indicator and the Bollinger Band .

Please comment, if you need more functions - i have some more ideas in mind, that would be helpful in a MTF Indicator.

Please comment also, if you found a bug!!
Release Notes: Added the option to show a different timeframe for the Moving Average lines!
e.g.: You can analyze the 4h chart with a 4h bollinger band (20 sma) - additionally the VWAP will be activated below 1D Chart!
But you will always get the support from the 1 Day moving average lines!!

If you are a daytrader - you can choose seperate timeframes for Moving Average Lines, VWAP and Bollinger!
Release Notes: minor changes
Release Notes: small changes
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This is great! I love that i can use 2 different time frames for the MA's and other indicators. Also love the fact that it combines the most used indicators! Can you put RSI or Volume in it to?