ANN BTC MTF Golden Cross Period MACD

Hi, this is the MACD version of the ANN BTC Multi Timeframe Script.
The MACD Periods were approximated to the Golden Cross values.
MACD Lengths :

  • Signal Length = 25
  • Fast Length = 50
  • Slow Length = 200

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i don't know about pine edit,but i see line24 "_hist = fun_macd(src,12,26,9)",it seems different from "Signal Length = 25 Fast Length = 50 Slow Length = 200 " you mention at first.
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Noldo q328314167
@q328314167, Hey this is normal macd period using on training , and 25,50,200 are _output golden cross period macd my friend.
@Noldo, thanks,my friend
Noldo q328314167
@q328314167, Your welcome.