Tripple super Trend + EMA + RSI Strategy


Here I show you the Tripple Super Trend Strategy.
I discovered the strategy on a YouTube channel and tried to transfer it as a strategy into a script.

Tested with the currency pair EUR/USD in the one hour chart.
Period: beginning of 2020 until today.

The strategy should also work with cryptocurrencies. But then the settings have to be adjusted.

There is the possibility to activate only long or only short position.
The EMA can be used in a time different from the chart.


How does the strategy work?

For long positions, the candle must be above the EMA .
The candle must be closed above at least two of the supertrend lines.
The stochastic RSI must show oversold and the k line must cross over the D line.

For short positions, the candle must be below the EMA .
The candle must be closed below at least two of the supertrend lines.
The stochastic RSI must indicate overbought and the K line must cross below the D line.

The stop loss is determined with the "lowest low/highest high lookback".
The profit factor is multiplied by the value of the lowest low/highest high lookback.

The results of the strategy are without commissions and levers.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know in the comments.

In the future I will add other types of stop loss / take profits. (ATR; %; eg.)

If you need more information about the strategy and want to know exactly how to apply it, check out my profile.

I wish you good luck with the strategy!
Release Notes: I found and removed a bug that opened incorrect short positions and calculated the SL TP incorrectly. I choosed ETH/USDT instead of EUR/USD cause of better profit.
The strategy continues to work very well with foreign exchange. But then the settings have to be adjusted.
Open-source script

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I have discovered wrong entries in the short positions.
It is therefore recommended to use only long positions in the strategy until I have fixed the bug.
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TradingStrategyCheck TradingStrategyCheck
mazenstudio TradingStrategyCheck
@TradingStrategyCheck, thank you, btw for some reason the chart is empty in most parts of it, with Eth/USD 15min
i was trying to adjust and change some settings and it just giving different profit or even loses!
i even tried with different currency still giving random signals, if you have more info would be appreciated.
mazenstudio TradingStrategyCheck
@TradingStrategyCheck, and if you can add alarm option would be very helpful since most of us in comments trying to figure out to connect it with 3commas
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sinosuke1996 TradingStrategyCheck
@TradingStrategyCheck, hi, bei mir macht er short pos auf obwohl die Balken über 3 oder 2 grüne Linien ist und mit long pos habe ich das selbe Problem. Wie kann ich das lösen?
@sinosuke1996, ja, das ist mir auch schon aufgefallen. Die Berechnung ist an sich korrekt, normalerweise verdecken die Balken ja die Linien nur werden hier die Linien weiter kalkuliert. Ich muss mir mal Gedanken machen, wie man das lösen könnte.
@TradingStrategyCheck, Danke für das super Script. Bin per "Zufall" hier gelandet und hätte eine Frage. Ist es möglich, oder auch für die Zukunft vorgesehen, ähnlich wie bei Super Trend die Long / Short Marken für den Alarm auszuwählen. Oder habe ich etwas übersehen bzw. falsch eingestellt? Dank für die Mühe und alles Gute - Klaus
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redshift999 redshift999
@redshift999, das mit {{strategy.order.action}} verstehe ich schon. Wie aber baue ich das in einen 3comma Bot Befehl ein.

Zum Beispiel - Cancel alle Orders und stoppe den Bot:

"message_type": "bot",
"bot_id": 5120273,
"email_token": "20ccee2b-ce47-463b-9c62-4721e0140032",
"delay_seconds": 0,
"action": "cancel_all_and_stop_bot"

Hier würde man ein Sell Short benötigen als Signal.

Danke für die Mühe.
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@redshift999, super 👍
redshift999 TradingStrategyCheck
@TradingStrategyCheck, danke für die Rückmeldung. Leider ist es mir noch nicht völlig klar, wie ich das bei 3commas mache. Viele Grüße