Quaterly & Monthly & Weekly & Daily Support&Resistance [LM]

Hello traders,

I would like to introduce you Quaterly & Monthly & Weekly & Daily Support&Resistance study. The idea behind it is to look for natural S/R levels based on high/low of higher time and looking for ranges. Script has 4 different high&lows levels that you can configure at your will what is shon and how.

You can combine various timeframe ranges to look for bounces

I hope you will enjoy it.
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Thanks man. Is it possible to include the opening and closing values as well as the high lows?
It would also be perfect if it showed the current day/week/month values as variables.
lmatl aytacidem
@aytacidem, thanks for suggestion, I will put it to backlog
1. Can i change the lines to solid?
2. How do i stop the line after the label so it does not go all the way right?