HTF Double Logarithmic Curves Oscillator

This a companion indicator for HTF Double Logarithmic Curves

This is an oscillator version of the above. When the indicator is at/near 1 then Bitcoin price is at/near the upper range of it's longterm logarithmic growth trend. When at/near 0 then price is at/near the lower range of that trend.

This indicator only works with the BLX Brave New Coin Index (ticker:BLX) and only on 1 day, 3 day, or 1 week timeframes.
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good job sir! For the oscillator, might I suggest creating OB/OS zones? you could do a fill between top/bottom lines and their next nearest line (based on your, or just an arbitrary value like 0.2 and 0.8

keep it up! :) :)
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quantadelic theheirophant
@theheirophant, Thanks... I'm currently trying to refactor the whole thing (both the log curves & oscillator)) so it will work on any BTC ticker (ie any exchange or index that tracks BTC price) and any timeframe, then I will add on the bells & whistles.
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May I suggest to cap the output value at 1? This would make the spike at the beginning disappear. I do not have the sources to the script obviously, but you could change 'y = f(x)' to 'y = max(0, min(1, f(x)))'.

Great oscillator, makes a lot of sense!
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this indicator has been deleted, would you please publish it again?
HI, this looks awesome - I cannot get it set up. not indicator graphs are to be seen. just my candles.... what do I have to use for settings? Using BLX on 1D and more... thx!!!
Thank you very much for sharing!
PS: you can force it to use BLX data so that it could be used on any other realtime chart (stamp for example)
Looks amazing, nice work!
Just added this and it seems to be ranging between 1.2 top and 0.3 bottom now. There doesn't seem to be any adjustable parameters. Maybe a bug was introduced?
RoyAa nullspace
@nullspace, did you opened a chart with sufficient history? I see different oscillator ranges between Bitstamp chart BTCUSD (longer history period) and for example XBTUSD Bitmex (shorter history period)