Williams %R + RSI + EMA - [Silver-Wong]

Williams %R + EMA + RSI

Un seul indicateur avec :
- William %R
- Une ligne médiane
- Les étiquettes des indicateurs
Release Notes: Williams% R + RSI + EMA

A single simple and clear indicator, including:

- Williams% R
- 3 bands (lower, upper and medium)
- 3 labels to quickly see which indicator it is.

You can choose the source of the EMA: Williams% R or RSI.
The Williams% R is set on the same scale as that of the RSI.
All these functionalities or configurable.
Release Notes: - Possibility to calculate the EMA on the average of the RSI and Willy's

- New features, you can show on the background the trend of the current price, based on the crossing of Hichimoku Tenkan/Kijun, or EMA/EMA, or (Tenkan/Kijun)/(EMA/EMA)
You can mix the background or split it
Release Notes: New background added : 3 zones
Possibility to modify lines
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SIr ,
This is wonderful .

May I ask how to change the EMA into SMA as SMA on RSI works better .

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Could you pls code 4 levels instead of 3 ? It will be more helpfull for me....... waiting for your early reply......
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Silver-Wong JPTradingWorld
@JPTradingWorld, no, but you can copy the code and change it as you prefer.
Se ve muy bueno el script, en que temporalidad hiciste las pruebas
The script looks very good, in which time did you do the tests
Le script semble très bon, dans quel temps avez-vous fait les tests
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Silver-Wong arnulfomoran
@arnulfomoran, Hello and thanks, I did them in any timeframes.
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Really usefull combo of indicators. Thank you