GOAT Signals Custom No Repaint Buy Sell Arrow Strategy Tester

WELCOME to GOAT Signals Custom No Repaint Buy Sell Moving Average (MA) Strategy Tester!

This indicator can quickly and easily identify the past trading success of signals based on moving averages.

What is a Moving Average?

According to a moving average (MA) is a widely used indicator in technical analysis that helps smooth out price action by filtering out the “noise” from random short-term price fluctuations.

Keeping this in mind let me give an example how this indicator could be useful in identifying trends.

Many Bitcoin traders use the 21 moving average on the weekly chart to make trading decisions.

Some of this has to do with 21 being a Fibonacci sequence number, and also because of how Bitcoin price action has reacted to it's trend line in the past.

When applying this script to the Bitcoin ( BLX ) weekly chart with a 21 moving average the strategy tester gives us 33.33 % Percent Profitable results with 6.31 % Net Profit.

If we test another moving average, let's try 29, and change our step input to 1, we get 85.71 % Percent Profitable with 9.22 % Net Profit.

With a bit of tweaking we may be able to find charts and settings with even better performance.

Keep in mind the strategy tester does not calculate trading fees, therefore in most cases will work better on longer time frames.

The Step input gives price action some breathing space if desired. Steps can be added or subtracted.

Personally, I use the Daily and Weekly charts except during high volatility , and use a one or two bar trail depending on price action.

Past performance does NOT guarantee future gains but keep in mind Bitcoin , Litecoin and a few others are on deflationary cycles.

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How can I get this ?? want to test it
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1 week free trial upon request. Kind regards, Dogey @mahmoodkk,
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please give me access, thnx.
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Can i get access please? :)
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@cryptomadeez, 1 week free trial has been granted. Enjoy!
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