Range Filter & Labels

All credit goes to @DonovanWall for the Range Filter.

I just added Buy & Sell labels to demonstrate how the VuManChu Swing generates the same exact signals as the Range filter using the exact same settings between the two indicators.

This would only seem plausible if VuManChu Swing runs on the same code as the Range Filter.
It looks likely to be the old version of the Range Filter, where it had only two Inputs, Range Size and Range Period
Release Notes: added alerts for Buy and Sell
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Good day sir...
I'm New here.
So I wish to ask if your strategy could be applied to mt5
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mate, do you know how to explain why this script works so well?
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Can I get backtester for this indicator please
It must have 50x the same on trading view... here exemple :https://fr.
its bad , use a lot repaint
a2316155 a2316155
@a2316155, a lot of fake alert
Meegel a2316155
@a2316155, are you for real?
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does it repaint?
Moriturus greyghost7
@greyghost7, No. But you need to enter the trade after the candle closes, if the label is not lost