3/9/27/9 Zero Lag EMA / EMA / Pivots / Dynamic Support

My most useful indicator yet. This is a combo 9/27 zero lag EMA/EMA with a trailing 3/9 and close/9 indicator with dynamic pivots and levels and a 9-candle-count candle painter. Clearly identifies possible entry and exits as well as points of decision identifying possible partial buy/sell points.
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// @author lonestar108
study(title = "3/9/27/9 Zero Lag EMA / EMA / Pivots / Dynamic Support", shorttitle="3/9/27/9 ZLEMA/EMA/Pivots/Support", overlay=true)

lengths=input(3, title="Short Period Length")
length=input(9, title="Fast Period Length")
length2=input(27, title="Slow Period Length")
plen=input(9, minval=1, title="Pivot Period Length")

// ema, zero lag ema
ema1=ema(src, length)
ema2=ema(ema1, length)
ema3=ema(src, length2)

// ema, zero lag ema
ema4=ema(src, length)
ema5=ema(ema4, length)
ema6=ema(src, length2)

// pivot points
highest_high = highest(high, plen)
highest_dev = dev(highest_high, plen) ? na : highest_high
high_pivot = highest_dev[-plen+1]
high_series = fixnan(high_pivot)
lowest_low = lowest(low, plen)
lowest_dev = dev(lowest_low, plen) ? na : lowest_low
low_pivot = lowest_dev[-plen + 1]
low_series = fixnan(low_pivot)

// Sell Setup 
priceflip = barssince(close<close[4])
sellsetup = close>close[4] and priceflip
sell = sellsetup and barssince(priceflip!=9)
sell8 = sellsetup and barssince(priceflip!=8)
sellovershoot = sellsetup and barssince(priceflip!=13)
sellovershoot1 = sellsetup and barssince(priceflip!=14)
sellovershoot2 = sellsetup and barssince(priceflip!=15)
sellovershoot3 = sellsetup and barssince(priceflip!=16)

// Buy setup
priceflip1 = barssince(close>close[4])
buysetup = close<close[4] and priceflip1
buy = buysetup and barssince(priceflip1!=9)
buy8 = buysetup and barssince(priceflip1!=8)
buyovershoot = barssince(priceflip1!=13) and buysetup
buyovershoot1 = barssince(priceflip1!=14) and buysetup
buyovershoot2 = barssince(priceflip1!=15) and buysetup
buyovershoot3 = barssince(priceflip1!=16) and buysetup

// TD lines
val= buy !=sell[9]
TDhigh = valuewhen(val,high[9],0)
val1= sell !=buy[9]
TDlow = valuewhen(val1,low[9],0)


icolor=rising(zlema,1) ? lime : red

plot(zlema, color=yellow, linewidth=1)
plot(ema3, color=lime, linewidth=1)

plot(high_series, style=circles, color=lime, linewidth=1)
plot(low_series, style=circles, color=red, linewidth=1)

plot(high_pivot + 1, color=red, style=circles, linewidth=3)
plot(low_pivot - 1, color=lime, style=circles, linewidth=3)

plot(cross(zlema, ema3) ? rising(zlema,1) ? low - 1 : high + 1 : na, color=icolor, style=cross, linewidth=2)
plot(cross(zlema2, ema3) ? rising(zlema2,1) ? low - 1.25 : high + 1.25 : na, color=yellow, style=circles, linewidth=2)
plot(cross(zlema2, ema6) ? rising(zlema2,1) ? low - 1.35 : high + 1.35 : na, color=orange, style=circles, linewidth=2)
plot(cross(close, ema3) ? rising(zlema,1) ? low - 1.15 : high + 1.15 : na, color=fuchsia, style=circles, linewidth=2)


plot(TDhigh ? TDhigh : na ,style=circles, linewidth=1, color=lime,offset=-9)
plot(TDlow ? TDlow : na ,style=circles, linewidth=1, color=red, offset=-9)

barcolor(sellovershoot? #FF66A3 : sellovershoot1? #FF3385 : sellovershoot2? #FF0066 : sellovershoot3? #CC0052 : buyovershoot? #D6FF5C : buyovershoot1? #D1FF47 : buyovershoot2? #B8E62E : buyovershoot3? #8FB224 : na)

// Uncode for line chart with indicators //
c = sell? #FF0000 : buy? #00FF00 : sellovershoot? #FF66A3 : sellovershoot1? #FF3385 : sellovershoot2? #FF0066 : sellovershoot3? #CC0052 : buyovershoot? #D6FF5C : buyovershoot1? #D1FF47 : buyovershoot2? #B8E62E : buyovershoot3? #8FB224 : #c0c0c0
plot(close, color=c, linewidth=1)
I found this script very promising but with the default settings I got error message "Index should not be negative(-8)". Setting the last parameter "Pivot Period Length" to 1 it is working but it makes the chart and the script unusable. I don't know how to correct this. Can you help me out?
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@korn, I just saw this script yesterday and I'm trying to find a workaround. I think that a possible way to fix it is to replace '' in both 'high_pivot' and 'low_pivot' for ''. Then, you need to include ', offset= - (plen + plen)' in every plot that uses high_pivot and low_pivot as a direct or indirect source, for example:

plot(high_pivot + 1, color=red, style=circles, linewidth=3, offset= - (plen + plen))

@naoligo, don't know what happened, but the suggested replacements went missing lol. I think it was about HTML stuff. Anyway, you need to modify the script as below:

replace BRACKETS - dev + 1 BRACKETS for BRACKETS dev + 1 BRACKETS in both 'high_pivot' and 'low_pivot'.
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