Mcote's Macro Trend

This identifies the macro trend.

The standard settings are for BTC (Bitmex) 2hour chart using settings 0, -2 and 4.

Other Settings: BTC (Bitmex) 4 hour chart using settings 0, 0 and 0.

You can find some profitable settings for lower timeframes too like BTC 15m -2, 8 and 8. This gives approx 23.5% profit and 4.6% DD for the past 4 weeks.

Have a play around with your own settings and let me know how you get on with the profits and other markets.

It also works in the Forex Market, for example on GBP/USD 4 hour chart it is quite easy to find settings that achieve 1300 pips over the year with 69% win ratio.

Release Notes: Just updated the start date to an earlier date.
Release Notes: Small change to fine tuning
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nice strategy! Could you share several the strategy setting to know whether it can be compared in the same level? e.g. default_qty_type, default_qty_value, initial_capital, currency, calc_on_order_fills and pyramiding ?
Hi, please check chat :)
Hi thanks for your sharing! Does it repaint and is it lookahead = on in the security() function? If so this strategy is not usable for live data.
@MOMINCKS, Hey, nope it doesn't use any security functions at all and it doesn't repaint!