Stock Market Sherpa by Keiron Richie

This indicator is tested with 15minute charts to provide indication of relative strength , stochastic and market strength displayed as a combined oscillator with buy and sell alerts, in the form of an awesome mountain range. Use of these indicators is at your own risk.
Release Notes: Slight visual changes and renamed alert descriptions. Enjoy. Let me know if you have any feedback :) Keiron
Release Notes: When the market is climbing your mountain Sherpa starts his walk up from a green flag. When the market begins to fall our little Sherpa plants a red flag and slips off down the glacier, ready to start his climb again.

A part of the code uses security calls to obtain true strength of the Nasdaq, S&P and VIX in order to obtain market strength as a whole. This is combined with Stochastics and RSI to give a clever visual that works and also has alerts built in.
This uses same timeframe security calls in this version 4 code but mitigated any repainting.

Let me know what you think :)

Release Notes: Minor edit - hline colour changes.
Release Notes: minor update
Release Notes: Added the function to change the slow/fast moving averages in the settings.

Added a third alert for "change" to show consolidated buy or sell alert occurrences - allows for one alert to be used per symbol instead of two.
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