Squeeze Momentum Strategy

Just turned LazyBears' Squeeze Momentum Indicator into a strategy. You can understand how it works and pay credit to LazyBear here: uk (dot) tradingview (dot) com/v/nqQ1DT5a/

Best results seem to be on the 4h chart. Added LazyBear's Volume Weighted Moving Average indicator, which can be used (select in strategy properties) to more selectively long or short if desired. Defaults to using 100% of your initial strategy equity (just my preference), and this cannot be changed without recoding the strategy, but should be easy to do if desired. Added leverage, trade risk, backdate time window and trade type selector inputs.

Happy trading!

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WHY I did't have buy and sell signal? and back test result?
Hello sir good sir.
This is exactly what i need. Thank you very much.
But when i use this strategy for other instruments such as stocks or forex it won't show.

I wonder how can i fix that... thank you again