Gamma Bands v. 2.0

Gamma Bands are based on previous day data of base intrument, Volatility , Options flow (imported from external source as Tradingview is not supporting Options as tools) and few other additional factors to calculate intraday levels. Those levels in correlation with even pure Price Action works like a charm what is confirmed by big orders often placed exactly on those levels on Futures Contracts. We have levels +/- 0.25, 0.5 and 1.0 that are calculated from Pivot Point and are working like Support and Resistance . Pivot Point is not effective in Gamma Bands therefore it's not even being displayed. Levels are calculated per each day and are valid for particular trading day.

It's crucial to set in Settings base instrument as well as Time of New Day Beginning (Important! This time needs to be defined in Exchange's Timezone - not yours timezone). There's possibility also to enable display of Initial Balance range (High and Low range of bars/candles from 1st hour of regular cash session). Breaking one of extremes of Initial Balance is very often driving sentiment for rest of the session.
Release Notes: Revolutionary new functionality - Volatility Reversal Levels
They're calculated taking into account Options flow imported to TV (Strikes, Call/Put types & Expiration dates) in combination with Volatility, Volume flow. Based on that we calculate on daily basis Significant Close level and "Stop and Reversal level".
Very often reaching area close to those levels either trigger immediate reversal of previous trend or at least push price into consolidation range.
Release Notes: Added support for BITCOIN
Release Notes:
  • added Experimental Reversal Levels for the current day based on volatility and some magic calculations ;)
  • added key levels based on previous day
  • cleaned up settings page of indicator - it's easier to define Time Properties of the session
  • added visual labels
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