Fibonacci Retracament Levels - Only for intraday.

Fibonacci Retracament Levels - Only for intraday.
Perfect and best levels.
Works on all scripts with 5 and 15 mins.
Try and keep me posted.
Release Notes: Fibonacci retracement with adjustments
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how to instal script on metatrader 4
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@adryano85, Sorry. I'm not much familiar with metatrader scripting.
hello sir,

this looks good , but i have little modification request, plz do,

The problem is when it draw lines from previous day, the lines shown all over the chart (means from left to right), can u plz make the lines starting from only the period values?

this is much needed for me.. i hope you will do it.. thanks
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dhilipthegreat Poweredbystocks
@Poweredbystocks, You can use my latest script. I have made it as per your request. ----- Fibo - Dhilip
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nilanjan62 dhilipthegreat
@dhilipthegreat, new to trading, this script has 0% and 100% , does that mean if i buy below zero then i will always make profit and sell above 100?
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dhilipthegreat nilanjan62
@nilanjan62, You can sell below zero and buy above 100 %. Else you can also look for reversals at 0 and 100.
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Looking good. I was looking for something to print highs and lows of previous day on my chart and woz too lazy to code it myself.
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dhilipthegreat Elielson00x
@Elielson00x, Thank you