SpaceTime Profile Regular SpaceManBTC

SpaceTime Profile Regular SpaceManBTC

Is a profiling tool for a market session.
Using time and price it calculates the TPO mapping the POC on your chart as well as the general profile.

The tool is useful as it can give you a general idea of how a day traded/is trading based off of its shape.

As well as provides the current developing POC as a reference for potentially a dynamic level of interest.
Value area shading is also including in the release using 68% as my reference of personal choice to represent where
bulk of the market activity occured on a given time frame.

To generate the data the indicator aims to look at the price variations over time of the given session (you can choose this in settings), this will then stack
and overlay on the chart to generate the TPO calculations by mapping 1 to 1 with the price you see on the chart.

This will give you areas of importance such as the POC which can be retested when naked providing a point of interest.
Works similar to volume profile but with no volume calculations only with price and time in mind.

Very useful tool for trend / market analysis by providing this graphical representation of a trading session between buyers and sellers!

Release Notes: Updating Chart to have symbol name.
Release Notes: Fixed a coloring error spotted by a user! Thank you for noticing this!
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Thanks for this incredible indicator bro....
Could you please make us change the value area percentage from 68% to 70%.
It gives us more flexible as 70% value area is given in more books to be followed
When set to weekly, shouldn't it start on Monday instead of Sunday ?
@Jolgan, Hey mate its just a visual thing, but the data generates from the correct day ill look to update this in the future if more people would like this