Cyatophilum Intraday Breakouts [BACKTEST]

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Private indicator. Access can be unlocked by purchasing a subscription on my website which link is in my profile signature.

Here is the backtest version of the Triple Screen Strategy

Recap of the strategy:

The goal of this indicator is to be able to automate and backtest the strategy, all while staying on a single chart and without repainting.
  • Market Tide MACD configuration
  • Market Wave choice between 3 oscillator: Elder Force Index, Stochastic and William Percent Range
  • Automated Long and Short entries alerts
  • Integrated Trailing Stop Loss system fully configurable with automated exit alerts
  • Integrated Trailing Take profit system fully configurable with automated exit alerts

Indicator samples


Strategy time period can be choosen in the parameters of the indicator.
Be aware that the chart is limited to 10 000 candles of the current timeframe for the backtest calculation.
Default initial capital: 10 000$
Default order size: 100% of equity
Default commission fees: 0.1% per transaction
Backtest results below.

Entry Long: Triggers on green long labels.
Take Profit Long: Triggers on the "TAKE PROFIT" green flag if the long target is reached.
Stop Loss Long: Triggers on the "STOP LOSS" or "TSSL" label if the stop loss line has been crossed.
Exit Long: Triggers on either of Take Profit Long or Stop loss long.

Entry Short: Triggers on red short labels.
Take Profit Short: Triggers on the "TAKE PROFIT" green flag if the short target is reached.
Stop Loss Short: Triggers on the "STOP LOSS" or "TSSL" label if the stop loss line has been crossed.
Exit Short: Triggers on either of Take Profit Short or Stop Loss Short.

You can get access to this indicator by purchasing a subscription using the link below.

Thanks for reading!
Release Notes:
Updated default settings for BTCUSD: 10m (best results)
+ small fixes to the SL/TP system
Release Notes:
Added info panel
Release Notes:
Graphic update!
Release Notes:
info panel update
Release Notes:
Added the option to turn on/off long or short trades
Release Notes:
Triple Screen strategy: colors updated so that your eyes won't bleed after 1 minute of using it.

NEW STRATEGY ADDED: Pivot Consolidation Breakouts

This strategy uses pivot points and a price consolidation condition to trigger its entries.

  • Pivot Points Timeframe : choose the resolution for the pivot points.
    For example, when set on 1D (1 day), the pivots will be the previous day's high and low. These pivots levels will be used for the breakout. They are represented by the upper and lower orange/blue lines.
  • Consolidation Band Width: choose how much the price should be consolidated.
    The required consolidation is represented by the blue/orange colored band. The actual price consolidation is represented by the small cross dots line. The price is considered as consolidated when the cross dots line is inside the colored band. The color will then change to blue. Orange means the price hasn't consolidated enough.

NEW STRATEGY ADDED: Forex Sessions Breakouts

This strategies uses a user-defined data session to calculate a breakout zone, as well as a volume condition.
The data session will often be placed right before the most volatile market hours.

  • Data session : data session to calculate the breakout zone. Works like this: - and hours are formated "hhmm" so 0315 = 3am 15 minutes. The timezone used is the one of the exchange (chart). Make sure in your chart settings that the timezone is also set to "exchange".
  • Volume Condition : Drop-down menu with "NONE", "SMALL", "STRONG" options.
  • Limit trades to 1 per day : option that can be turned on/off.

Backtest parameters used for this update.
Inital Capital: 10 000€
Order size: 5 000 € (this is to avoid compounding)
Commission: 0.1 € per order
Slippage: 2 ticks

Usually on forex a huge leverage is used to make up for the small price movements. However in this backtest none is used.

To replicate the indicator settings used in this snapshot, use the live chart info panel above.

You can get access to this indicator by purchasing a subscription using the link below.
Release Notes:
Forex Sessions Strategy: new option to exit trades at the end of the day or not.
Release Notes:
Update info panel: "enable long/short" setting was missing.
Release Notes:
In this update:

Bugfix: DCA system behavior

- Strategy Alerts
How to use:
Write your alert messages for EXIT, LONG and SHORT orders in the settings (Backtest section).
Then click add alert, and in the placeholder, write the following:
Release Notes:
"Forex Sessions" Strategy renamed to "Sessions breakouts" (yes, it's not only meant for Forex!)
"Sessions breakouts" Strategy behavior updated. The breakouts will now trigger earlier and more logicaly.
Improvements on MTF features when using a resolution that is the same as the chart. This should improve the overal results.

Configuration panel udpated: smaller and better placement.

Added new alert system!
To use it:
1. Write your alert messages in the indicator settings (alert section at the bottom)
2. Click "Create Alert" as usual, but choose "alert() function calls only"

That's all! You will receive alerts for every event.
Release Notes:
Added alert message for DCA.
Release Notes:
- Max number of safety orders increase to 100, but only the first 18 will be plotted due to graphic limitations.
- Trailing Take profit using "once per bar" behavior improved.
- Pivot strategy update to prevent the entry to trigger more than once during the session.
Release Notes:
- Added a checkbox for each alert. Uncheck if you don't want the alert to trigger.
- Added tooltips

Configuration panel:
- Added backtest period and open trades number
Release Notes:
Trailing Take Profit graphic update
Release Notes:
Recalculate On Every Tick set to true by default.
Added fix for the multiple buys issue that used to happen with the option.
Release Notes:
Improved Trailing Take Profit behavior. Sometimes it would exit too early.
A bug when a long and short entry could happen on the same bar has been fixed.
Release Notes:
BugFix DCA volume scale: the scaling now starts at 2nd DCA
Release Notes:
It is now possible to retrieve the DCA order size in the alert message.
In your DCA long or short alert message, writing {order_size} will be replaced by the DCA order size.

"Order size is {order_size} contracts"
will be replaced by:
"Order size is 5 contracts"
Given the current safety order size is 5.
Release Notes:
DCA / Safety Orders
Both base and safety order size no longer is in contracts but in either fixed currency amount or % of Equity.
Release Notes:
Added a secondary Take Profit option & alert
- Configure your 2nd target in % (should be bigger than the 1rst)
- Configure the % quantity to exit on the 1rst Take Profit, between 0 and 100. The remaining % will be exit on the 2nd TP.

-> A useful feature to improve your strategies risk management!

Added new Backtest Results panel
You can disable it by going in the style tab -> tables, or by clicking the indicator setting "Backtest Results Table".
You can also change its size if you want to make it bigger or smaller.
Release Notes:
update chart
Release Notes:
Added alerts for 2nd TPs
Release Notes:
Added {position_size} placeholders in the alert message to get the current order size in contracts.
Also, writing "\n" in alert messages now creates a newline.
Release Notes:
Added placeholders {price}, {SL}, {TP} and {TP2} for entry alert messages
Release Notes:
Removed 2 digits rounding to the alert placeholders.
Release Notes:
Fixed a bug when using "reverse order on stoploss" option and DCA not calculating.
Added a "Contracts" option for safety orders' size. Useful for stock and futures.
Safety orders now properly get placed when using "once per bar" option.
Release Notes:
Converted to pine v5
Added information in the backtest panel: required initial capital, amount of SO used, max days in a deal.
Release Notes:
Bug fixes: dca not closing on take profit
Release Notes:
Added RSI/Stoch and ADX filter
Updated alert inputs fields
Release Notes:
Updated inputs, added stop loss types, added alert placeholders, added new filters, updated backtest panel, updated graphics.

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