Pivots High-Low Screener & Alerts

Hi fellow traders ,
Pleased to share a Pivot High - Low Screener.
The script uses the TV inbuilt Pivot function.
It Screens 25 tickers default set, these can be modified in the input dialog box.
All you need to do is attach to any chart and set the periodicity or the resolution of the chart to your desired alert() frequency requirement.
Now go to the input settings icon of the script and set your Pivot right and left parameters!
Set the alert from the menu as usual click - Any alert() function call and bingo you are done!!
Similarily change the chart periodicity to the next timeframe and set the next alert.
No more opening multiple charts and setting individual time consuming alerts().
You will get concatenated alerts or summary alerts for your tickers.
Track 25tickers with a single alert for each timeframe(Supports 40 tickers).
Happy trading with TV..
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