MoT - [Elite] - Relative Volume/Price


Relative Volume /Price is an Elite Level Indicator. No other RVOL indicators come close to the power of this. "Relative Volume / Price" is also an absolute beast at showing Divergence and what is really happening behind Price relative to historical Volume .


In this example we have EURUSD as the master chart on the Daily time frame.


In this example we are Utilising Whipp Candles in the Panel at the bottom with the Integration of the Candle colouring for Whipp Candles over the normal candle colours.

Whipp Candles give strength to what is happening in relation to multiple indicators like WhippTrend, RVOL/Price and our version of TSI MACD over multiple time frames and then gives the current time frame a rank from -6 to +6. This is where the colouring and strength of colouring comes in. Whipp Candles and the base settings are fully adjustable so you can utilise on all time frames

Overlaid over the Whipp Candles (Panel) is WhippStochaholic (drag and drop style to save space!). WhippStochaholic is originally based on Stochastics and we have calculated the indicator in a rather visually pleasing way to enhance trend and reversal signal identification.

In the examples here for RVOL we have highlighted Buys and Sells with Green Buy and Red Sell signal vertical lines. You can see paired with Whipp Candles it is extremely powerful. With our education and our risk management, just these three simple indicators would see you profitable and beating the markets.


Many Thanks and Trade Safe!

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Release Notes: - Added Time Frame / Resolution Functionality
- Added an Additional Moving Average (3 in Total)
- Added the 1.0 Line and Additional Level Lines
- Added Background Colours for Above/Below 1.0
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