Function: Vector2

UDF library of functions to use with 2 dimensional vectors.
Release Notes: structured the function list better, added a few more functions and updated label for the tests to be more readable.
Release Notes: added functions: assign, rescale, perp, angle, project, reflect, array center.
Release Notes: changed: assign function to from.
changed: move_to function to lerp.
added: atan2, min, max, scale, angle, clamp.
Release Notes: moved some functions location: _normalize, _rescale
added function: _get_xy to return x,y elements in a tuple form.
improved casting within library calls.
Release Notes: Added array methods: size, sum, push, pop, unshift, shift.
Release Notes: added function to get the area of a triangle with 3 vector coordinates.
Release Notes: added functions:line_new, line_get_a, line_get_b, line_intersection, draw_line
Release Notes: added functions: rotate_around, array_rotate_points, line_new, line_get_a, line_get_b, line_intersect, draw_line, draw_triangle, draw_rect.
note: draw_rect has the option to rotate its position around its origin vector.
Release Notes: added function: array_scale_points, allows to scale a array of vectors based on a perspective origin.
Release Notes: removed vector2_(pi, phi, e, todegrees, toradians) in favour of their new builtin counter parts.
math_fractional, vector2_fractional, vector2_floor, vector2_sin, vector2_random, vector2_herp, vector2_noise

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