Yusram Mount MaV - Day MaV

Yüsram Mount HO - Day HO

This indicator shows the comparison between the 7-day fast simple average and the monthly slow average of 5 bars. The red line indicates the monthly green and blue lines the daily average. If the Green-Blue line crosses the red upwards, it is a buy signal and the opposite is a sell signal. As soon as it turns green blue without waiting for the sell signal, a sell signal is created. If you are trading fast, you can consider turning green to blue as an opportunity. In the long run, the red intersection can be interpreted as a Stop point.

I hope it will be useful to everyone.

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I got the name of this indicator from my daughter's name. The meaning of the name Yüsra means "convenience". I hope this indicator will help you.
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May i know about the yellow color line?