[SDPF] Magic Algo 🔮

For those following progress at QuickTrade and those interested in automated algo trading using signals from TradingView!

I have decided to publish and also added some more features to my favourite algo for us all to play with:

  • Can set back-testing date ranges
  • Added a pointless field about Satoshi Nakamoto
  • Added magic numbers (these are important)
  • Re-enabled futures trading - if you want to test it

The 'magic numbers' are linked to other things but are ultimately what I use to test the algo on different coins until I'm happy with the results and comfortable in testing them live on the web-app. If you are wondering what the magic numbers represent - I'm not going to say exactly what, otherwise I will have to kill you, but they are parameters for a few indicators running in the background (ma/bar calculations to name a few).

I found my best results on the 15m/30m charts.

If you want to test it on spot pairs, then make sure you have only enabled the spot trading checkbox, for futures you can enable both.

Feel free to experiment or see how a particular coin has performed.

If you find a good combination that's not on the Google Sheet yet, let me know on Discord!

PS. I'm aware others can set alerts for this strategy and trade on another platform, which is why I'm going to be changing the alert messages every few days. Sorry, this is for demonstration purposes and QT community members /users only!
Release Notes:
  • Re-named some of the inputs so they are easier to understand
  • Changed buy/sell alert messages (to stop someone using the signals on another platform, sorry not sorry)
Release Notes: Updated alert messages again so those actively using it... can't - if you want to automate your trading then hit up and get on the early supporter scheme for beta access!

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