Ulitmate Trading Buy/Sell - By MrCrypto -- v1.5.1

Current script Features (some are optional and can be activated if needed, Please use this on Heikin Ashi Candles):

- Ability to work on any time-frame the user desires.
- Safer Buy and Sell signals (On by default User can switch these off)
- Early Buy and Sell signals(On by default User can switch these off)
- Alerts available for any signal in the script (users can receive this alerts through email or SMS )
- No Repaint at all once candle is closed.
- Custom Kelter Channels.
- Ichimoku cloud , lines and cross signals
- Dual Moving average 55/200 MA with offset.

If you require access to test this script for 2 day period please send me a msg .

Release Notes: Updated Safe Buy/Sell settings and Early Buy/Sell is off by default but can be enabled by user.
Release Notes: Added Stop Loss for Early Buy/Sell
Added Take Profit for Early Buy/Sell - Short or Long
Added Stop Loss for Safe Buy/Sell
Added Take Profit for Safe Buy/Sell - Short or Long

More to come
Release Notes: Added Time Resoulution filter. for example on 1minute Chart you add 15minute filter for buy and sell. reducing the number of low priced buy and sell trades.

More to come
Release Notes: Revision update
Release Notes: Code updated. Alerting updated.

Trial access now extended to 7 days.
Release Notes: minor changes
Release Notes: update in code split buy and sell signals
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