mikul's combo oscillator (RSI, MFI, with divergence + ROC & BB)

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Some "improvements" on the RSI Divergence indicator with MFI and BB made by LonesomeTheBlue and myself.
Release Notes:
removed the 0 and 100 line by default.
Release Notes:
Changed some colors and also the transparency on volume.
Release Notes:
I have now updated this indicator to Pine Script version 5 , and I have removed the volume indicator since I thought it was kind of unnecessary and instead added ROC.
You can toggle ROC on or off in the input section of settings.
I have left the volume part of the code in the source, if anyone wanna h4x around with it.

I hope you like the new version.
Visit mikul.se for more information.
Release Notes:
So I have finally added divergence on the money flow index as well. (Hidden divergence can be toggled in Money flow settings)
It is really dirty code and I have no energy to clean it up anymore since I'm quite sick. But it works.

You might notice that it looks a bit different as well.
I have turned off some settings by default, Like ROC, the Bollinger bands Basis and the RSI FILL colors.
You can easily turn them on in style settings by checking the boxes for RSI FILL COLOR, ROC, ROC 0 line, and BB Basis.

It can become quite messy, so play around with colors and labels and whatever to make it fit your needs.
Release Notes:
Changed name on this oscillator.
Release Notes:
Added labels to RSI divergence as requested by @walkthewalk.
They are turned off by default. Now there are labels on both MFI divergence and RSI divergence that can be turned on in the style settings. MFI shows difference between hidden and regular, but the RSI only shows bear or bull (since this was only a quick-fix).
Release Notes:
I added Stochastic RSI and did some small changes.
Stochastic RSI is turned off by default.
I made it into an area to not make it to messy, but you can easily change that to lines instead if you want.
Release Notes:
I have added a little value box that shows the current value of RSI, MFI and ROC.
Release Notes:
small change
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