Super Squeeze

// The idea is to make it possible to identify the ongoing Trend.
// The algoritm works as:
// 1. Apply SMMA on the Price.
// 2. Apply Bollinger Band and keltner Channel on the SMMA
//. 3. If BB is inside KC then there is NoTrend.
// 4. Else, if SMMA > KC-Upper then it is a strong UpTrend and
// if SMMA < KC-Lower then it is a strong DownTrend
// else it is NoTrend
// I've written the 'super_sqeeze' as one single function to make it easy to make
// use of it in other projects of mine. The function takes the follwing input arguments:
//. super_squeeze(Price, // example: close
// Length, // number of lookback periods, example: 66
// BBmult, // Bollinger Band multipier of the Standard Deviation, example: 1.5
// KCmult) // Keltner Channel multiplier, example: 1
// The return values from the function are:
//. 1 = Strong Up Trend
// 0.5. = Weak Up Trend
//. 0. = No Trend
//. -0.5. = Weak Down Trend
// -1. =. Strong Down Trend
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