Exponential/Simple Moving Average Ribbon 12

Due to popular demand (one person asked) this is an updated version of my EMA 12 indicator.

This indicator will show up to twelve moving averages at a time in a single indicator. Or, to put it another way, a moving average ribbon.

You can turn individual MAs off or on at your discretion, to show from none to twelve at a time, to better visualize support and resistance areas off of MAs as well as MA crossings.

You can also, of course, adjust the length/period of each of the MAs at your discretion.

In this version, most significantly, you can select either exponential moving average or simple moving average as well for each individual MA.

For the last four MA lines, the color will change from red when bearish to green when bullish . There is also a much more subtle color change in the other MA lines as well.

Release Notes: Doubled the MAs to 24. If you want the old behaviour, simply uncheck every second one. Otherwise, enjoy.
Release Notes: Bug Fix
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