TD Lines

First milestone of the Implementation of the TD Lines Strategy.
You can choose between TD Points Level 1, 2 or 3
There are still issues, e.g. a manually calculated highest-high value sometimes seems to be different than the result of the function "highest()"
Release Notes: More accurate trendlines and trendline-breaks.
Release Notes: resolved bugfix regarding the trendline-break
Release Notes: Added TP/ SL signals, based on the default RR 3:1
TP/ SL are based on Tom Demarks price-projects:
If a trendline-break occurs, look for the lowest value under the trendline and add the distance between that low and the trendline to the point where the trendline was broken.
The green-lines currently show the TP level, redlines indicate the SL level
Release Notes: Some bugfixes regarding Trendlines with TD Points Level 3: Now the TD lines/ Trendlines should be accurate for TD points Level 1, 2 or 3.
Implemented Supply Line Qualifiers 1 and 2, still doing research on qualifier 3
Release Notes: some more bugfixes
Release Notes: - bugfixes regarding TD Points/ trendlines
- now you can choose to apply trendline-break qualifier 1 and/ or 2 or just use a simple trendline-break
Release Notes: Added Q3
Added alertconditions for LONG ENTRY, TP and SL
Release Notes: some visual improvements